Milan Travel Diary

05 January 2018 Milan, Italy

Here is the first part of my Italy journey, sadly it did not start well, we lost a bus, we lost the train and last but not least our reservation in the hotel had been cancelled and that's why my pictures are all at night. I can't even describe my feelings at that moment, I got really sad. But fear not, things got better, we ended up staying in a hotel that was 20 minutes from the bus station where we had to be at 6:15am.
Problems aside, if you can walk to places, you definitely should, Milan is perfect for that. The most important landmarks and spots to see are walkable.

For the first night, we went to Chinatown to have dinner, we found Otto in Zomato. I have to be honest, I chose it because I can't resist a vertical garden or anything that looks like it, for a matter of fact. The place is opened until 2am, which is also a plus. You have different kinds of toast to choose, the two we ordered were very good and the service is extremely fast.

After that, we walked (of course) to the galleries and it is so beautiful, I did some window shopping and it is the perfect place for that, Milan is all about fashion and these galleries are full of high-fashion brands so enjoy your time.

I wasn't aware of this but you can see Piazza del Duomo from the galleries, it's just side by side with the cathedral and the Royal Palace. After that just take a walk into Piazza dei Mercanti and maybe stop for an ice cream or just continue your window shopping session.

I hope you liked the first chapter, I know it wasn't much but as you can see, we had some difficulties!

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