Rome Travel Diary

05 January 2018 Rome, Italy

Before I begin I would like to make a disclaimer and tell you this isn't a chapter about food, it is about Roma. Therefore, I am sorry about all the food but damn, Roma is full of magnificent restaurants.

With that being said, let's begin day 4, 5 and 6. 

Roma is the place in Italy where you will have something to see and be amazed in every single corner, I am not making this up. Open Google Maps and just look at it, you will understand what I am saying.

My biggest regret was not going inside The Vatican, I am not religious, at all. I do think it is a great experience though, buy tickets online and skip the line, otherwise you will be waiting for about 3-4h. I didn't go inside but I walked around it. I just felt like it, it took me maybe 1h. Worth it.

Take a little time to go to Castel Sant'Angelo or just sit near one of those bridges, it's beautiful. After that you will need to refill so go to Frigidarium - best waffle I have ever eaten!!
After that we just walked around, and ended up sitting in front of a Zara near Fontana di Trevi (by the way, I didn't mention Fontana di Trevi but we went there not once but twice, I didn't take any pictures because it's impossible, so many people, I don't even have the words to describe it) and just laughed at how insane the driving is in Italy, it was fun.
By the end of the afternoon we started browsing Zomato and we found Da Francesco, it's in an awesome neighborhood, very pretty restaurant. We ate raviolis because I had this idea of what I should eat in every city (don't ask). Funny story: it started raining, so all the people had to go inside, we just payed and ran away in the rain, it sounds romantic but my dear boyfriend wasn't very happy about that. I got sick. But I stand by the "it was fun" idea.

End of day 4.

Day 5 started later than usual, because I was really sick and felt like relaxing in bed, of course I didn't let the sickness win but I did rest a bit in the morning.

We spent a good amount of our day in the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. We payed 7,5€. I loved it so much, if you are on a strict budget this 3 spots are worth spending, trust me.

After that we went to Aventino with the idea of looking through the famous keyhole to the Vatican but I don't really like to wait in lines so I just dropped the idea and went to Trastevere. A very cool neighborhood. Don't miss it.

Our host told us to go to Ottelo, and thank God!!! What an amazing meal, and such a nice service. We ate pizzas and pannacotta for dessert. It was the best thing I ever ate. So so so tasty!! Thumbs up.

No rain this night. End of day 5.

On the 6th day we just had the morning and a little bit of the afternoon so we started our journey in Ponte Sant'Angelo and walked by the river until we got to Terraza del Pincio, one of the best views of Rome, just look at that.

Want an amazing meal with some wine for just 4€? Pastificio has 2 different homemade pastas every day for just that. Yup, and it is good. For dessert go to Pompi for some ice cream of their tiramisu, they have different flavors and it's their specialty.

Then we just walked around here and enjoyed some major window shopping, I'm looking at you Dior.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I enjoyed Roma and all its amazingness. 

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