Venice Travel Diary

05 January 2018 Venice, Italy

Welcome to Venezia. I should start by saying this was my favorite place to visit and you will probably notice by the way I will write this post. 

Imagine all the fairytales you have ever read, imagine a place on earth where all those stories could become true, well you have Venice right there for you. It is a fairytale city, it is magical, it is beautiful, I don't understand how this city even exists and I love it.

I started this day in Piazzale Roma and I'm guessing most of you will start as well, because it is the terminal of buses so if you are not staying in the city centre, you will most likely take a bus to this stop.

My plan for Venice was just getting lost, I knew that I wanted to see Piazza San Marco and every landmark was there or very close to it so I knew I'd have time to wander around. 
Important information for getting lost in Venice: keep in mind there are four bridges and if you intend to walk you should be aware of their locations. If you are using Google Maps turn on the "avoid ferries" option, otherwise you will be sent to a ferry stop.

Well, by the time I found one of the bridges it was time to have lunch, I knew I wanted Dal Moro's Fresh Past To Go, it is an amazing option for about 6-8€. Don't get scared if you see a big line waiting, they are extremely fast at doing their jobs and very friendly. Also be aware of similar places, they adopted the same scheme because it works really well for the original restaurant. When you have your pasta I advice you to sit near a canal and just enjoy the gondolas passing by, you will have fun, I promise. 
I should tell you that I eat really healthy, so of course, after lunch I had to eat an ice cream, because ITALY, people. I couldn't help myself. With that being said, I went to Suso. Long story short: big line, fast as usual, very worthy.

After that we just walked and window shopped (2nd favorite thing to do, 1st is eating ice cream in Italy), took in the amazing views and buildings, stopped by Ponte dei Sospiri, back to Piazza di San Marco and sat by the river. This is the thing about Venice, if you don't want to enter any museums you can just explore and get lost, I recommend it.

For dinner we went to a pizza place called Pizza al Volo where a slice of pizza is 2€ and a large pizza is around 10-12€. In its left side is a very cute café where we just drank some cappuccinos and enjoyed Venice. 

End of day 2.

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